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Special guests from the globe will join us online!! We will welcome awesome guests with global influence from Hillsong Church and JPCC Worship.


Brenden Brown

Hillsong Church
San Francisco Campus Pastor

While working in a nightclub and working in the fashion industry in Sydney Australia, he drowned in drugs, met God on the edge of death and was saved. He is currently pastoring Hillsong Church in San Francisco, USA with his wife Jackie.


Sidney Mohede

Jakarta Praise Community Church
Creative Pastor

Creative pastor from Jakarta Praise Community Church in Indonesia. Active as a Christian artist, one of the most influential worship leader in Indonesia. Produced over 200 songs, of which "Hosanna (Be Lifted Higher)" was a worldwide hit.


JPCC Worship

Jakarta Praise Community Church

Worship team in Jakarta Prays Community Church (JPCC). The church has grown into an influential church that attracts about 30,000 people each week. From the beginning, they have a great passion to convey tGod’s love through worship songs and music.

Robert Fergusson

Hillsong Church Teaching Pastor

From England. Served more than 20 years at Hillsong Church and directed church theology, pastoral, and sermons. He checks all the lyrics of Hillsong Worship theologically.

Sam DiMauro

Hillsong Church Hills Campus Pastor

From Italy. He is passionate about God, people and seeing the church be all that it can be. Sam has been married to his wife Kylie for 25 years and they have four beautiful teenage children. Sam’s passion for seeing the church be the best it can be is seen in all that he does on and off the platform.


Kylie DiMauro

Hillsong Church Sisterhood Pastor

Kylie is the Sisterhood Pastor and is married to Sam, Hills Campus Pastor. While raising four children, she serves at Hillsong Church. She is passionate about seeing the women of the church step into all God has called them to.


Chrishan Jeyaratnam

Hillsong Church Perth Campus Pastor

Chrishan, and his wife Danielle, are the Campus Pastors at Hillsong Perth. Chrishan has grown up in Hillsong Church since he was around seven. They have four beautiful daughters, and as a family are committed to loving God and people, and living the adventure that it is to build His Church. 

Danielle Jeyaratnam

Hillsong Church Perth Campus Pastor

Danielle, since her senior years in High School, has been part of Hillsong Church. Since then, she has served in various areas including Hillsong Youth, Young Adults and Hillsong Sisterhood. She is now the Campus Pastor of Hillsong Perth. As a family, they are committed to loving God and people and living the adventure that it is to build His Church.


Steve Dixon

Hillsong Church QLD Campus Pastor

Steve is an Englishman, born in Manchester, who married Chinese-Malaysian Joyce, who was a Graphic Designer working in Zimbabwe and together they moved to Spain to plant churches. There they had their two children, Jonny and Leanne, who are a kind of English, Chinese, Spanish mix.


Eka Mutty

Hillsong Church Bali Campus Pastor

Pastors  Hillsong Church Bali in Indonesia together with his wife Englyn. After graduating from Hillsong College they pioneered Asia's first Hillsong Church in Bali which has dramatically grown to over 3,000 in just three years.


Ryo & Sayaka Eguchi

Hillsong Church Tokyo Campus Pastor

Ryo & Sayaka oversees Hillsong Tokyo and have been part of Hillsong Church for nearly twenty years. Over the years they have served in various areas of church life including Young Adults, Youth, Sisterhood, and service pastors at Hillsong Perth. They have a beautiful daughter and they are committed to loving God and people and living the adventure that it is to build His Church.


Shion Sakakiyama

Live Church Youth Pastor

Graduated from Moody Bible Academy in 2009. While serving at Live Church Sunza as youth pastor, he is now teaching the "culture of love" of Christ in Japan and abroad.


Live Church Worship

Worship team in Live Church. In addition to composing original songs, translated many worship songs such as Hillsong Worship and JPCC Worship as official Japanese translations and recorded them on their released albums "Jesus At the Center" and "Beautiful Saviour". In 2017, co-produced the album CD "Body Of Christ" with the Taiwanese Christian band THE CALLING, and did a national tour in the same year. In 2020, released the album "My Hope" with JPCC WORSHIP.


Jun & Yurika Sakakiyama

Live Church Worship Pastor

Jun: From England, graduated from Doshisha University. After working for the electronic musical instrument manufacturer Roalnd, he devoted his life to serve full-time at church. Served in Live Church Worship team for over 14 years. Translated many official Japanese translations of worship songs such as Hillsong Worship and JPCC Worship.

Yurika: Worship pastor and Connect Group pastor of Live Church Sunza. She worked as a midwife, and now serves full-time at church. In 1996, she was given a vision to start the worship ministry at Live Church.


Mutsuki Hiranuma

Live Church System Engineer

Professional sound system engineer. He has been in charge of many dome/arena tours for many prominent artists, and has a great knowledge and experiences in the professional field. Also familiar with domestic and overseas worship circumstances. Currently contributing to the domestic and overseas worship market at pro-audio manufacturer company.


Shimon Suzuki

Live Church Lighting Engineer

Born in Hamamatsu. Currently serves as Creative Leader at Live Church after his career working as a nurse. Currently leads the production team as a creative leader. At the beginning of the worship ministry at Live Church, he was engaged in the lighting ministry, and now serves as a lighting engineer. CS project representative.



Main sessions and breakout sessions will also be delivered online.
** Main sessions 1, 2 and 3 will be streamed live on YouTube.
****The session will be held at Zoom.


Join our breakout sessions with our special guestwWe invite a special speaker online and have a number of subcommittees for church growth!
You can join the sessions online!

※Application is required for participation.
※We will inform the schedule of the breakout session as soon as it is decided.


Online Israel Tour

Moshe Gabay (Keshet Journey)

Christian tour planner "Keshek" trusted by churches around the world, and has worked on Israel tours for Hillsong and Chris Tomlin. Keshek Journey will take you on an online Israel tour to reveal the truth about Jesus' walk in Israel.

Leadership that grows Church

Sam & Kylie DiMauro (Hillsong Church)

Good leadership is vital for healthy church growth. Hillsong Church leaders will share about how they lead their churches and see fruits bearing.

Generational Changes in Church

Robert Fergusson (Hillsong Church)

Hillsong Church has been successful in forming a family church where all generations come together. Also, the approach is changed depending on the generation. Let's look at how it is achieved.

Leading Connect Groups

Danielle Jeyaratnam & Ryo Eguchi (Hillsong Church)

Connect Group is the core of Hillsong Church and plays the important role to build healthy and strong church. Learn about its purpose and method.

How to deliver love that transcends culture

Chrishan Jeyaratnam & Eka Mutty (Hillsong Church)

The first Hillsong Church in Asia, was planted in Bali, Indonesia. Hillsong Bali has grown up to around 3,000 people within five years at the island of Hinduism. Ps. Eka and Ps. Chrishan will share about how the church approach and delivers the gospel that transcends the culture.

How to build Volunteer Staffs

Hillsong Church

More than 2,000 volunteers serve the Hill Song Conference, which attracts about 30,000 people each year. How do they foster and guide volunteers who are willing to serve?


Worship Team Talk

Jun & Yurika Sakakiyama (Live Church Sunza)

Introducing how Live Church Worship leads worship, how to guide and raise up the team, how to select songs, etc. Many great ideas and tips that will help build your worship team!

Song Writing

JPCC Worship

JPCC Worship's music are influential, and their songs are sung all over Indonesia, and also translated into many languages around the world. The key songwriters will share how and why they create new songs. Great seminar that encourages those who want to create new worship songs!

Introducing contemporary worship to Your Church

Yurika Sakakiyama (Live Church Sunza)

Live Church shifted their worship style since 2001. The worship ministry has grown dramatically throughout the years. Yurika who've been the core leader of the worship team will share the journey of how Live Church overcome challenges and shifts.

Worship which God requires

Hillsong College

What kind of worship is God wanting from us? Teachers from Hillsong College will share about how they lead the Holy Spirit led worship  with creativity and excellence. Worship that moves God's heart and changes people's life.

Building Teams for the Next Generation

JPCC Worship

Jakarta Praise Community Church (JPCC) has grown into a church of about 30,000 people in 20 years. Leaders from JPCC will introduce how they see and develop the team that will raise up the next generations.


Audio Mixing for Live Broadcasting

Mutsuki Hiranuma(Live Church Sunza)

The demand for live broadcasting in church is increasing, but many people struggles with delivering high-quality sound online. Our professional audio engineer will introduce the most ideal way and applications to deliver sounds.

Lighting ・Video・Telop

Shimon Suzuki(LiveChurchSunza)

The lighting, video, telop, etc. is very important in service. What purpose and role do they play with the worship team behind the scenes? We will introduce equipments and practical examples which will improve your worship environment.

PA and Live Mixing

Mutsuki Hiranuma(Live Church Sunza)

Audio professionals will answer your familiar questions such as important know-how to improve the sound of the venue, approach to sound making, and what kind of equipment is suitable.

Worship Band Clinic

Practical Band Workshop! Only available onsite!

By Live Church Worship

Band Clinic for worship team will be held for onsite participants. The skill level does not matter at all. We hope you will enjoy sharing the practical content and use it as a reference for your church. Please feel free to join us individually or as a team.

<Main contents>

■ How to play as a band

■ How to communicate with a team

■ How to play according to the worship situation

■ How to match members with various skill levels

■ How to create good tone

■ How to play melody and take rhythm

■ How to arrange creatively

■Band practice and rehearsal method



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Students ¥4,000

Access to 2 breakout sessions



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